The transaction module provides a summary of all transactions made between the buyer and the seller.

1. From the Admin panel, go to Support & Operations and click on Transactions.

From the following page, the details displayed are as follows:

  • Date: Displays the date on which the transaction was made
  • Transaction Id: Displays the transaction number.
  • Associate: If you are viewing transactions together under the All tab, the associate column helps you understand whether a particular person is a supplier or customer.
  • Amt Recd: It displays the amount you have received from a customer/supplier.
  • Amt Paid: It displays the amount you have paid to a customer/supplier.


2. Click on the Search filter and you can sort the list either by Customer name or transaction id.

3. Click on the drop-down calendar and you can the select time period between which you want to view the transactions.

4. To view more details of the transaction of a particular customer, click on the transaction id next to their name.

From the following page, the details displayed are as follows:

  1. Transaction ID
  2. Name and associate title
  3. Date on which the transaction took place
  4. Total Payment Collected
  5. Complete payment details
  6. Order ID to which the transaction is linked


5. To view the order details of a customer, click on the order id in the transaction detail page.

The following order page gets displayed.

Please Note
This feature is currently unavailable in mobile.
You can view the summary of all transactions only through computer.
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