What’s New in Jd Omni – June’21

1) Add a Custom message on the Checkout Page
Want to customize your checkout page? Without any coding knowledge, you can place a custom message in the review order section of the checkout page. To do so, go to General Settings >> Online Store settings >> enable Custom Message in Checkout. Learn More

2) Allow Changing Quantity during Order Confirmation
Get Better control with order quantity change before you confirm and bill the order. Tododo, go to General Settings >> Order settings and enable “Allow Changing Quantity During Order Confirmation”. Learn More

3) Set Separate WhatsApp Numbers for Each Outlet
WhatsApp is the most preferred way to communicate these days. You can display separate WhatsApp numbers for each outlet. This way it becomes easier to manage your customer queries. To do so, go to Customize Website >> Add Ons >> WhatsApp. You will find an option to add default numbers across all stores or separate numbers for each store. Learn More

4) Get your Own API Credentials
The API credential is a combination of the Merchant ID and Secret Key and is equivalent to that of a user name and password. As an account owner, you can view your API credentials from your vendor panel. You can also provide these API credentials to the developers within your organization to integrate various applications, tools, services, scripts with Jd Omni. To do so, go to Settings >> API Credentials. You will find your unique credentials that can be copied. Learn More

5) Allow Customers to Add Address through Maps
We have introduced a convenient way to let you add multiple addresses accurately by clicking and dragging the pin to your precise location on Google Maps.

6) New Setting to Automatically Select Nearest Store
We have introduced a new setting that will automatically show the closest store to your customers as per the pin code entered by them or as per the customer location. You can enable this feature from Settings >> Online Store settings >> Outlet Selection. Learn More

7) Change the Category Order
To change the category order, navigate to Products >> Manage Categories. Move categories up and down to rearrange with the help of up and down arrows. You can rearrange from the top-level to the bottom-level categories.

8) Configure Notification Details Store Wise
Go to Settings >> Notification. You can set a default number and email to receive notifications. Or feed in separate details for each outlet for easier management. Learn More

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