What’s New in Jd Omni – Jan’21

We’re always working to improve our platform to benefit our customers. Below are some of our most recent updates you should know about.

1) Revamped Delivery Boy App
We have improved the overall user interface of the delivery boy app that will help in rendering a better service of multiple pickups and deliveries in one go. You can now enjoy finer control with real-time updates to you at every step of the delivery. You can also choose to verify order delivery by signature or OTP. Learn More

2) Upload standalone prescription without placing an order
If you sell medicines, here is another way to buy medicines from you.  Your customers can simply upload their prescription and you can then add the medicines from your end and bill the order.

3) Showcase categories in a visually appealing format on the homepage
In case you want to showcase your category listing as the default homepage, you can do so now. Your visitors will see the product categories upfront. It makes it simple and easy for them to find the products they need in the right category. In case if you have an item listing on your homepage, you can also take to a visual approach by choosing to display top-level categories on the top of this page. Learn More

4) New layout for subcategories
There is also a new setting on the vendor panel to showcase your subcategories in grid or tabbed format on the category listing page on mobile.


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