What’s New in Jd Omni – Dec’20

Hi, We’re constantly working to improve your website experience, here’s a summary of what has changed…

1) Create / Edit Purchase Orders from Mobile
Add items and create purchase orders on-the-go and manage profits efficiently. Additionally, you may edit item details, save it as a draft or review the PO before immediately sending it over SMS or email to notify your supplier.

2) Bulk Upload Service List on the Website through Mobile
In case you are wondering that it will be time-consuming to upload services one-by-one, it is not. You can now upload services on your website in bulk with an excel file and easily sort them in the desired order.

3) Send Payment Link through Mobile to Collect Pending Amount from Customers
Payment links are the simplest way to accept payments. You can now generate links on mobile and send them on SMS and email to collect pending amount instantly from your customer.

4) Receive Orders, Enquiry Information through App and Browser Notifications
To make sure you are well-informed, we have introduced app and browser notifications, along with SMS and email for each order and inquiry that you receive.

5) Add Reorder Information through Mobile
You can improve your order management by replenishing your stock by setting the reorder level and reorder quantity from your phone. Associate your products to brand, manufacturer, and supplier. Either you manually set the quantity or the auto maintain option will prefill the reorder quantity for that product.

6) Re-designed Banner Section

7) Complete UI Revamp to Add and Manage Staff Members with Permission Support interface even more reactive.

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