What’s New in Omni Websites – May’20

As the world turned upside down in the view of covid-19 pandemic, we realized that our support to you is even more important than before. So we pushed ourselves day and night to get loads of new features ready, especially for our customers in grocery, pharmacy and online classes category.

Revamped Pages Section with Permission Support

We finally bring the most awaited feature to page section – Permission. You can now use permission to make a page private by making it accessible only by a password or you can make it accessible only to a few sets of your logged-in users. You can use this feature to create private pages accessible to an identified set of users only. E.g. your online classes’ videos can be seen only by those users whom you have permitted to that page where the video is hosted.

In addition to this, we have also revamped the user interface for managing pages. It is much easier to add, update and delete pages. If you are managing loads of pages, we even now have search functionality to quickly find your page. Learn more….

Lite App (Progressive Web App)

As the world is increasingly moving towards mobile, we are always looking for avenues to help our customers to make the most of mobile platforms. Hence, we have now enabled a provision to enable your mobile website to show a notification to install a lite version of your website on their device (or as it is called progressive web app). Once installed, your customer will see an app installed on their phone device on which they can click and open your portal directly without the need to go to the mobile browser i.e. it will act like a native app.

This functionality has been provided for all our users. Please read on more to see how it works and how to enable it.

Revamped Domain Section

A website domain is one of the most primary identifiers of your website, yet it was an ignored section by us. So, we have bought the domain section upfront in the website builder to make it easily accessible for our users. We have revamped the domain section completely to allow you to manage your domain better. One can now easily add an existing domain, book a new one or renew your domain as well.

Revamped Product Section (Mobile)

We have adopted a new visual design language for the system, thus making it highly intuitive and easier to understand. We have revamped the product section with the new design language which makes it look more clean and intuitive than before. The new interface for adding and updating products will make you fall in love with the so-called tedious activity (we promise!). Learn more….

Revamped Add-ons (Widgets) Section

Just to make things clear first – We have renamed Widgets section to Add-ons. The reason behind this is that we have to make a long-term plan to allow Add-ons section to not only host the current widgets but also start incorporating paid and free third-party add-on as well into the same.

This will enable us to build a wholesome eco-system around the Omni website platform. In the coming months, you will see a lot more options in the Add-ons section which will broaden the scope of functionality of the system. Learn more….

Upload Prescription during Checkout

Now one of the most requested features by our pharmacy customers is live with this release. Your customers can upload prescriptions during checkout while placing their orders online. The prescription facility is highly configurable as per your needs and the uploaded prescription will be seen in your order section as well. Learn more….

Zoom Functionality for Gallery Images

We have enabled zoom functionality for high-resolution gallery images for our customers in photography and painting artwork category. For those who want to showcase their piece of creativity in full quality. Learn more….

Previously Ordered and Recently Browsed Sections

We have introduced two new types of sections i.e. previously ordered products and recently browsed products which allow an e-commerce website owner to introduce more personal customization in their website and help them to improve their revenues.

As the name suggests, the previously ordered section will show a list of products to your customer which they had previously ordered. This is incredibly useful to our customers in the grocer category.

The previously browsed section allows you to showcase the product of interest to the customer which he had previously checked out. This allows your customer to recall the same and improve the chances of the customer to purchase the product. Learn more….

Revamped Help Center

And finally, we have revamped our help center to make it more useful, intuitive and relevant. We have also been revamping our content, layout, and FAQs to allow you to quickly find a solution from the help center.


As usual, there are loads of under the hood tweaks such as adding 8 more fonts in website builder, increased price range support from 9 digits to 10 digit, enhancement in sending payment link for unpaid or partially paid orders, previewing PDF files, bug fixing and performance improvement. All in all – A big improvement.

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