What’s New in Omni Websites – Jan’20

We had been preparing hard all this while to improve your customer’s online shopping experience with a flawless registration and checkout flow in mobile. We have prioritized changes in mobile because, in India, 80% traffic originates from mobile.

We believe any small design improvement in your site will improve customer experience and thereby have a direct impact on your sales. And so, we have done a major visual upgrade for your Product Listing Pages, the way your products are searched, Shopping Cart and Checkout page Segments, Login/Sign Up Pages, Customer Facing Menu and Sticky Footer. Visual presentation of Reviews and Ratings, Wish list, Tool tips, Alerts, Warnings and Error Messages has been enhanced.

Your customers will now surely find the mobile interface more intuitive and straightforward.

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  1. Thanks for the update. Great going. But im requesting for a feature for months. There is no photo upload option for my products. They promised it is in website while im purchasing. But still it is not updated. Without this option a e comm website cannot success. Pls do needful

    1. Hi Jayakumaran,

      You can very easily upload photos from your phone and desktop. In fact, Image upload is the very first option in mobile at the time of adding or editing any product. In case you still have doubts, please drop us an email at websupport@justdial.com with your contact number. Our representative will explain you the steps over call.

    1. Hello,
      These changes will help the e-retailing companies and we will be revamping the appointment booking module as well in the near future.

  2. Hi , great tools 👍, I am a manufacturer of gold plated Jewellery, In the name of Mehar Gold , when will you start RESELLING and REWARD POINT option , it will be a big tool for business and revenue Scailing, please provide to our web immediately.
    With Regards

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