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Most of you will understand the concept of selective attention by a simple example. Suppose, you’re going through a boring lecture and you see a good looking girl asking a question to the teacher. Where will be your attention? You should ideally focus on the question but I wouldn’t be surprised if most of you were looking at the girl.

That is exactly what is called Selective Attention. We always focus and concentrate on the things we “like” and not on everything we have around us. In the above example, there must be some people who would focus on the question asked by the girl but that is their selective attention which they’re focusing on.

What is the importance of Selective Attention in Online Business?

There are a lot of brands and stores offering the same product in today’s world. Everybody is in a race to grab the attention of the customers to increase their sales and brand name. Capturing the market is not easy with excess competitors around. Knowing what the customers want is the ultimate research for every business. Businesses also want to know if the customer likes to see ads on Facebook or Instagram, and plan their marketing accordingly.

Gaining the selective attention of the customers is important because today, there are countless number of ads and brands they go through daily. Customers prefer to swipe most of the ads but they only remember those which grabs their attention quickly.

While online shopping, there are some things which the customer focuses on other than the product. If the customer is new to your site and is purchasing for the first time from you then he will look at the reviews or ratings given for that specific product to make a proper decision for himself.

Reviews & Ratings

Yes, the customer does have a look at other people’s opinions when it comes to Online Purchasing because there are 60% of people (youngsters, to be precise) who trust on online shopping. Rest 40% belongs to those adults or people who are from the generation when online shopping wasn’t common.

Gaining trust from the customer’s reviews about your products is a great way for other customers to know that your products/services are reliable and trust-worthy. Your publicity done by other customers is much more effective and attention seeking because 88% of people trust on other’s reviews. Also, 9 out of 10 customers read product reviews before purchasing them.

In our system, there are a lot of other features that are beneficial for you to take your online business to a success. But, inclusion of Reviews & Ratings has just made it easy for you to use the functionality and gain all the benefits mentioned before. Also, you need not search for another software or application to enable Reviews & Ratings on your website. Just log in to your account and you will find all the customer’s reviews and opinions in your Inbox already. Isn’t that a great news!

Who wouldn’t want to create a good online image by your own customer’s reviews?

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