What’s New in Omni Websites – January’18

Hello, I hope this new year bought good fortune for you and your business. Coming back to your business, our team just tried to start the year with a bang by initiating new features in your Omni Websites account. So how could we stay back during the end of this month? Implementing and making it better for you and your customers is our ultimate motive. So let’s have a look on what we have for you at this time of the month.

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger Widget for your Website

Using these applications for connecting with your friends and family is routine. But the good news is that you can now use WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger to interact with your customers simultaneously through your website & mobile application too. Aren’t you excited to add them in your account?

Showcase your Products in Multiple Categories

Getting a perfect word for finding a particular product by the customer is a troublesome task as everybody don’t know the correct categorization of every product. Leading to the problem of unsuccessful search and switching of websites. You can now add different categories to your products making it simpler for the customers to search a product.

New Field Types and Validation in Enquiry Form Builder

Making it manageable and straight-forward for your customers while sending an enquiry results in better interrogation with them and understanding their queries for clarification. So now you can gain customer information more accurately by using the new field types which includes Multiple Choice, Time and Paragraph.

Introducing 8 additional Widgets for your Website

Connecting and interacting with your customers is essential for the growth of your business while retaining your customers. Consideration of their needs and solving their problems helps them to know about the website and your business minutely. Well, Omni Websites is now equipped with number of other widgets like Facebook Pixel, Intercom etc which will help you in promoting & marketing your website while simultaneously interacting with customers.

Personalize your Mobile Footer

The footer before wasn’t bad but knowing that you can now customize and add options as per your choice does give a sign of relief to you. So now, you can add options or change the complete footer by adding/removing the sections which will help in managing your business in a convenient way.

Add Cheque Details

Don’t want the trouble to keeping a track differently of the customers paying by cheque? We have added some additional fields while using Cheque mode of payment which will help you in saving payment details in your Omni Websites account itself.

Edit Contact Number of your Customer

Suggestions from you doesn’t go unnoticed. We know that you’ve been dealing with this problem and we’ve fixed it. This time, you can edit the customer mobile number when needed, instead of deleting the customer and adding a new customer every time you want to update.

Upload Missing Images in your Mobile application

Want to change the appearance of the products and make it more communicative for people to get a quick review about it? This feature will now help you in uploading the missing images through Quick Setup module rather than searching for the missing images products in the Products module.

That’s all for now folks. Like the upgrades? Let us or our Customer Executives know about it. Not happy with the upgrades, let us know how we can help you better and what new you would like to see. Until next time, enjoy the upgrades and keep using Omni Websites to its full potential to manage your business digitally and most efficiently.

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