What’s New in Omni Websites – January’18

Happy New Year! So we are here to make your new year much happier than before with some new functionalities. Giving you some new year gifts from our team in the beginning of this year. More to come ahead! Coming back to the new features, this month we’ve added some new features and modules for smooth functioning of your business.

Unique Scroll Effects for your Website
Ever imagined a different look for your site? We’re introducing amazing Scroll Effects for your website.  It includes a variety of uncommon appearances to help your customers stay connected without a monotonous view. Who doesn’t love to see some outrageous effects on website while shopping?

Upload Multiple Images to your Image Library
We know that you’ve been facing issues while uploading multiple images in your gallery. So this year, keeping this issue in mind, we’ve resolved it by adding a new feature which makes it easier for you to upload multiple images at a time in your system which lessens your work and saves your precious time too!

Add Fixed Pricing Details for the Products/Services you Offer
Want to get rid of partial payments made by customers? Here we are with a new feature Fixed Payments to make your online transactions more reliable. Aren’t you happy to know that you get paid for the order before sales?

Showcase your Virtual Contact Card on your Website
Here is a great way for your visitors to get in touch with you or your company quickly and efficiently. You can now add notification section on your website which will help you display your contact number along with your email address.

Offer Special Discounts for Specific Customer Group
Customer group discounts allow you to provide reduced pricing to specific customers. You can now add special discounts for particular group of customer.

Advanced Enquiry Form
While bringing changes in the standard enquiry form, we’ve also added some sections in the same which helps you to identify customer’s information and queries to communicate with them for their retention and smooth functioning of the business.

That’s all for now folks. Like the upgrades? Let us or our Customer Executives know about it. Not happy with the upgrades, let us know how we can help you better and what new you would like to see. Until next time, enjoy the upgrades and keep using Omni Websites to its full potential to manage your business digitally and most efficiently.

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