What’s New in Omni Websites – November’17

Here we are again! Running your business will no more feel like a task to you, it’ll be as basic as any other of your day-to-day activity.

Here is what was introduced:

Enhanced Add a Product/Service Flow: Omni Websites wants to help you make the best growth for your business. Now choose whether you want to display the pricing details or enquiry details of the product / Service on your online store. As part of improving your customer experience and helping you achieve higher goals, we have introduced four new enquiry tabs for the products which will not only boost your sales but also will help your customers to make a proper decision to buy a product or service. Whats more? You can also manage all of  these from your Omni Websites App.

Attachment option in Custom Fields Enquiry Form: Online forms are a great way for your business to collect feedback from your potential customers and manage important information of the customer need. And you know the best part about this? Your paperless information-gathering is not limited to text that can be typed into a form field. To make it more convenient, we have introduced attachment option, which means you can easily collect the photos, files, excel files, docs files and so on from your customer through the enquiry form. This functionality is also available in Omni Websites App.

Export Online Payment Report: Boosting sales takes more than just knowing your business inside and out, it takes knowing your customers inside and out, too. We are excited to announce that we have introduced Online Payment reports which will help you track all the online payments. This report will not only give you payment details but also provide the order and customer information.

Enhanced Manage Category Section(Mobile): Now view all the products present in each category from your Omni Websites app. Moreover you can also choose to hide/unhide products , change product category or delete the products.

And this was all for the month. Hope all these additions will help you sell, manage, and grow your business rapidly. Do let us know if you have any suggestions about additions to the system, or if sadly you didn’t like something. We will be guiding you on every step of your growth because as you know, we won’t rest until we achieve perfection.

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