What’s New in Omni Websites – August’17

So this time around, we have quite major updates. We have focused on GST and HSN/SAC code which may seem small at the first glance, but when summed up and added to the existing functionalities, its impact is huge.

The Omni Websites team is well driven to keep improving it for you, and in that endeavor here’s what we got for you this time around:

Reports – GSTR- 1 : So the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India is right around the corner, ushering in a massive transformation in registration, filing, returns, and so forth. Every taxpayer will soon be required to submit multiple Goods and Services Tax returns (GSTR) at regular intervals so as to be fully compliant with the GST India system.

Taking this into consideration we have introduced a new report for you called GSTR-1 so that you can file GST returns effortlessly within the stipulated tax period.

Enhanced Reports:Now that you know Omni Websites is compliant with GST, HSN/SAC code field is added in the Sales, Inventory and Purchase reports.

GSTIN Support:Along with the other updates customer can add GSTIN number for his order while checking out from web as well as from app.

That’s all for now folks. Like the upgrades? Let us or our Customer Executives know about it. Not happy with the upgrades, let us know how we can help you better and what new you would like to see. Until next time, enjoy the upgrades and keep using our services to its full potential to manage your business digitally and most efficiently.

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